Distribution of Overall DQ and Subscale Quotients for the Griffiths Mental Development Scales Assessment at Between 18 and 36 Months of Corrected Age (Corrected and Not Corrected for GA at Birth)

Corrected Score (Uncorrected Score) (n = 68)
Mean97 (87)95 (85)100 (89)96 (86)94 (84)100 (89)119a (104)
SD18 (16)21 (19)20 (18)21 (19)16 (14)24 (21)21a (18)
  • Numbers in parentheses are not corrected for GA at birth. DQ indicates overall DQ; A, locomotor; B, personal-social; C, hearing and language; D, eye/hand coordination; E, performance; F, practical reasoning.

  • a n = 19; only a small number of infants were old enough or developmentally advanced enough to have practical reasoning assessed.