Hospitalists Reported Greater Adherence to Evidence-Based Therapies and Recommended Tests Than Community Pediatricians in Multivariable Analysis

Adjusted OR (95% CI)aP
    Albuterol3.42 (1.08–10.85).04
    Ipratropium in first 24 h3.56 (1.82–6.97)<.001
    Steroids (oral or intravenous therapy)3.96 (0.93–16.91).06
First UTI
    Renal ultrasound scans4.86 (1.26–18.79).02
    VCUG3.27 (1.19–8.98).02
  • VCUG indicates voiding cystourethrogram.

  • a OR of hospitalists reporting often or almost always using the given evidence-based test or therapy, compared with community pediatricians, adjusted in a multivariable logistic regression analysis controlling for gender, race, days attending per year, number of years out of residency, hospital practice type, and completion of additional fellowship/graduate training.