Comparison of Hospitalist and Community Pediatrician Respondents

HospitalistsCommunity PediatriciansP
No. of respondents who met inclusion criteria198228
Female, n (%)a93 (47)115 (51).48
White/Caucasian, n (%)a148 (88)173 (80).06
Fellowship or other graduate training, n (%)a87 (47)57 (25)<.001
Time spent attending per year, mean ± SD, db176 ± 7257 ± 68<.001
Time since completing residency, mean ± SD, y11 ± 916 ± 11<.001
Attending physician for inpatients in academic center, n (%)a103 (55)54 (24)<.001
  • a Some respondents did not answer all demographic questions. Missing values were not imputed.

  • b Hospitalists were asked for the percentage of their professional time spent practicing clinically as a hospitalist. A response of 100% was defined as 240 days.