Perceived Barriers to Implementing an EHR Among General Pediatricians in Practices Without One (n = 415)

Practice operation
    Physician resistance77.1
    System downtime71.5
    Increase in physician workload63.7
    Providers have inadequate computer skills59.8
    Increase in staff workload55.3
    Staff have inadequate computer skills53.4
    Patient confidentiality34.9
    Expense of implementation93.5
    Lack of clear return on investment71.2
Quality of care
    No improvement in patient care or clinical outcomes58.1
    Interference with doctor-patient relationship37.3
EHR-specific factors
    Inability to find an EHR that meets the pediatric practice's requirements80.5
    Inability to interface with existing practice systems75.1
    Transience of vendors70.1
    Bad previous experience with an EHR22.5