Table 2.

Age-Adjusted Prevalence and Mean Values of Characteristics Among GUTS Adolescent Cigar Users and Nonusers

Never Users
(n = 6794)
Ever Users
(n = 310)
Never Users
(n= 4969)
Ever Users
(n = 530)
Mean age (y)12.612.612.512.5
Mean BMI (kg/m2)19.119.619.119.6
Mean physical activity (h/wk)12.715.815.820.2
Mean Tanner stage3.
Use of cigarettes
 Ever use 13%62%9%60%
 Mean age of cigarette initiation (y)11.511.111.410.9
 Number of cigarettes smoked per d3.
Use of smokeless tobacco
 Ever use 1%7%2%21%
Use of alcohol
 Ever use 25%60%20%54%
 Ever been drunk23%47%13%37%
 Ever been in car with intoxicated driver 2%6%2%9%
 Binge drinking 1%7%<1%7%
Mother's cigarette smoking status
 Never smoker70%62%69%61%
 Current smoker7%13%7%11%
 Past smoker22%25%23%28%
Sibling who smokes cigarettes9%27%7%17%
Friends who smoke cigarettes4%25%2%13%
Possess tobacco promotional item11%26%15%27%
  • * Defined as having ever tried or experimented with cigarette smoking, even a few puffs.

  • Defined as reported ever use of chewing tobacco.

  • Defined as having had a whole drink of alcohol.

  • § Defined as riding with a driver who has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

  • Defined as drinking 5 or more drinks at 1 time.

  • Not adjusted for age of child.