Definition of GDL Components Examined

Minimum age for learner permit
    Minimum age 15.5 years for obtaining a learner permit
    Reference: <15.5 years
Mandatory waiting period
    Minimum 3 month waiting period after obtaining a learner permit     before applying for an intermediate license
    Reference: no mandatory waiting period or <3 months
Minimum hours of supervised driving
    Minimum 30 hours of supervised driving
    Reference: no required supervised driving or required <30 hours
Minimum entry age for intermediate stage
    Minimum age 16 years for obtaining intermediate stage license
    Reference: <16 years
Minimum age for full licensing
    Minimum age 17 years for full licensing
    Reference: <17 years
Nighttime restriction
    Any nighttime restriction
    Reference: no nighttime restriction
Passenger restriction
    Any passenger restriction
    Reference: no passenger restriction