Analysis of Bedside EEG Amplitude (μV) Results With Respect to MRAS

Variableβa95% CI% Variance ExplainedP
All patients
        Minimum amplitude−0.36−0.49 to −0.2327<.001
        Mean amplitude−0.42−0.60 to −0.2320<.001
        Maximum amplitude−0.47−0.80 to −0.139.007
        Minimum amplitude−0.41−0.29 to −0.5335<.001
        Mean amplitude−0.52−0.67 to −0.3634<.001
        Maximum amplitude−0.55−0.82 to −0.2917<.001
HIE patients (n = 40)
        Minimum amplitude−0.40−0.53 to −0.2649<.001
        Mean amplitude−0.50−0.69 to −0.3142<.001
        Maximum amplitude−0.64−1.00 to −0.2925.001
        Minimum amplitude−0.41−0.56 to −0.2644<.001
        Mean amplitude−0.59−0.78 to −0.4049<.001
        Maximum amplitude−0.71−1.03 to −0.3934<.001
  • a Change in amplitude for 1 unit increase in MRAS.