Characteristics of the 86 Infants Studied

Male/female, n:n50:36
Inborn/outborn, n:n22:64
Gestational age at birth, median (range), wk39 (36–42)
Birth weight, median (range), g3312 (2215–5440)
Diagnoses, n
        Bacterial meningitis8
    Cerebral vascular diagnoses9
        Hemorrhage including IVH, SAH5
        Arterial infarcts2
        Venous thrombosis2
        Arteriovenous malformation1
    Seizures of undetermined cause8
    Respiratory diagnoses5
        Hyaline membrane disease2
        Meconium aspiration1
        Pulmonary hemorrhage1
    Maternal drug use5
        SSRI use3
        Narcotic use2
    Metabolic diagnoses4
        Nonketotic hyperglycinemia2
        Opitz syndrome1
        Incontinentia pigmenti1
        Multiple congenital abnormalities1
    Encephalopathy of undetermined cause2
Infants with clinical seizures, n (%)59 (69)
Infants given anticonvulsants, n (%)57 (66)
Infants requiring mechanical ventilation, n (%)55 (64)
Period of EEG analyzed, min
    n = 77120
    n = 960–120
Infants with frequent seizures on BRM2, n4
Age at bedside EEG monitoring, median (range), d2.2 (0–14)
Age at MRI, median (range), d6.3 (0–62)
No. (%) of infants who died prior to discharge16 (19)
Age at death, median (range), d8 (0–28)
  • IVH indicates intraventricular hemorrhage; SAH, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage; SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.