Culture Results for 103 Subjects With Hyperpyrexia

Culture SourceOrganismFrequency
BloodS pneumoniae4
E colia3
E cloacae1
Alpha streptococcusb1
Klebsiella pneumoniaec1
Multiple GNRc1
Epidural abscessP magnus1
Tracheal aspiratePseudomonas aeruginosa1
UrineE colia6
E cloacae1
Enterococcus species1
Stool bacterialS flexneri1
Stool viral cultureEnterovirus2
Viral culturesInfluenza Ae4
Parainfluenza 31
Rapid viral testsRSVb,d3
Influenza Ae2
  • a Two subjects with E coli UTI also grew E coli from the blood, including 1 with meningitis by CSF parameters.

  • b One subject had a positive RSV rapid test and also grew α streptococcus from blood culture.

  • c Source was judged to be an infected central venous catheter.

  • d Two subjects grew adenovirus from both stool and nasopharyngeal viral cultures. One subject with adenovirus also had a positive RSV rapid viral test.

  • e One subject grew influenza A from the nasopharyngeal culture and had a positive rapid test for influenza. There was no other overlap between rapid viral test results and cultures.