Predictors of Pediatric Clinician Referral of Mother to Primary Care Provider, Mental Health Clinician, or Community Supports, Adjusted for Practice (n = 1271)

Odds Ratio (95% CI)P
Mother thinks she might be depressed and is willing to take action28.3 (12.0-66.9)<.001
Mother thinks she might be depressed but does not want to take action5.0 (1.3-18.7).02
Mother feels stressed not depressed3.9 (1.6-9.6).004
Mother has history of mental health problems7.5 (2.4-23.4)<.001
Mother is currently receiving treatment (medication and/or counseling)2.7 (1.2-6.1).014
Depressive symptom score1.7 (1.4-2.0)<.001
Age of child0.99 (0.92-1.06).78
  • Practice site was a significant covariate predictor and was controlled for in the model (P = .03). CI indicates confidence interval.