Maternal Responses to Screening for Women With Low-Level Depressive Symptoms and Women Who Screened Positive (n = 208)

No. (%)P
Low-Level Symptoms (Score of 1 or 2) (n = 136)Screen Positive (Score of 3-6) (n = 72)
Mother feels stressed not depressed
    Yes46 (33.8)20 (27.8)NS
    No90 (65.8)52 (72.2)
Mother thinks she might be depressed but is not willing to pursue now
    Yes12 (8.8)6 (8.3)NS
    No124 (91.2)66 (91.7)
Mother thinks she might be depressed and is willing to take action
    Yes28 (20.6)34 (47.2)<.001
    No108 (79.4)38 (52.8)
Mother has history of mood disorder and is not currently receiving treatment
    Yes13 (9.3)11 (15.2)NS
    No123 (90.4)61 (84.7)
Mother is currently receiving treatment (medication and/or counseling)
    Yes28 (18.4)30 (35.3)<.01
    No124 (81.6)55 (64.7)
  • Twenty-nine mothers with depressive symptoms were excluded because of incomplete discussion data. NS indicates not significant.