Table 3.

Distribution of Health Profile Types for Age-matched Incarcerated and School Male Youth Samples

Profile TypeIncarcerated Youth (N = 126) %School Sample Youth (N = 126) %
Excellent/good health
 Excellent health.86.4
 Good health5.627.8
Poor health in 1 domain
 High discomfort.8.8
 Low resilience7.14.8
 High risks31.821.4
Poor health in 2 domains
 Dissatisfied/High Discomfort.82.4
 Dissatisfied/Low Resilience4.84.0
 Dissatisfied/High Risks3.24.0
 High Discomfort/Low Resilience0.8
 High Discomfort/High Risks4.82.4
 Low Resilience/High Risks19.85.6
Poor health in 3 to 4 domains
 Worst health18.210.3