Table 5.

AORs for Risk of High Levels of Physical Activity and Inactivity Among Given Sociodemographic Contexts*

ContextAOR95% CIP Value
Highest category of moderate  to vigorous physical  activity
Maternal education
 Less than high school1.00
 High school/general  education development .93 .79–1.12NS
 Some college1.05 .88–1.25NS
 College degree1.12 .90–1.38NS
 Graduate/professional  degree1.271.01–1.60.045  
Family income
Highest category of inactivity
Maternal education
 Less than high school1.00
 High school/general  education development1.00 .87–1.45NS
 Some college .84 .72–.99.044  
 College degree .80 .66–.98.028  
 Graduate/professional  degree .61 .48–.76.00001
Family income
 Medium .93 .82–1.05NS
 High .70 .59–0.82.00001
  • NS indicates not significant.

  • * Adjusted using logistic regression models controlling for sex, age, urban residence, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, presence of mother/father in household, pregnancy status, in-school status, work status, region, and month of interview.

  • Results are weighted to be nationally representative and standard error terms are adjusted for complex survey design effects.