Participants With High Prehypertension, Hypertension, Any HBP, Borderline TC, High TC, Borderline LDL-C, High LDL-C, Low HDL-C, and High Triglycerides for Normal Weight, at Risk of Overweight, and Overweight Participants for all Participants and According to Gender

BMI, All StudentsBMI, BoysBMI, Girls
<85th Percentile (n = 875), %85–94th Percentile (n = 339), %≥95th Percentile (n = 496), %Pa<85th Percentile (n = 364), %85–94th Percentile (n = 143), %≥95th Percentile (n = 236), %Pa<85th Percentile (n = 511), %85–94th Percentile (n = 196), %≥95th Percentile (n = 260), %Pa
Any HBP14.
Borderline TC14.217.520.6.037b8.017.521.7.022b18.617.519.7.858
High TC3.
Borderline LDL-C7.812.014.2.015b3.911.715.7.011b10.712.212.9.588
High LDL-C2.
Low HDL-C6.315.324.5.019b10.
High triglycerides9.116.931.8.012b9.218.337.3.015b9.015.926.9.040b
  • a P values are from GEE models adjusted for the clustering of observations within schools.

  • b Statistically significant (P < .05) differences between groups.