Participants With Prehypertension, Hypertension, Any HBP, Borderline TC, High TC, Borderline LDL-C, High LDL-C, Low HDL-C, and High Triglycerides for All Participants and According to Gender and Ethnic Groups

All Students (N = 1717), %GenderRace/Ethnicity
Boys (n = 747), %Girls (n = 970), %PaWhite (n = 246), %Black (n = 377), %Hispanic/Latino (n = 856), %Native American (n = 44), %Other (n = 103), %bPa
Any HBP23.930.119.1.004c17.524.526.915.919.4.127
Borderline TC16.714.118.7.035c18.419.
High TC4.
Borderline LDL-C10.
High LDL-C3.
Low HDL-C13.318.09.8.005c17.65.715.323.310.8.026c
High triglycerides17.219.715.3.08617.24.622.113.921.6.042c
  • a P values are from GEE models adjusted for the clustering of observations within schools.

  • b “Other” races were not included in the statistical models.

  • c Significant (P < .05) differences between groups.