Details of the Imaging Findings in Patients With SWS

Patient No.AgeGenderExtent of Leptomeningeal DiseaseCerebral AtrophyVenous AnomaliesPerfusion AbnormalityOrbit or Globe Pathology
111 moFemaleR F P L OR P L ONot presentMatched to leptomeningeal diseaseNo
210 yMaleR F T P OR P O L noneR O DVA L OMatched to leptomeningeal disease and along DVAR choroidal angioma
315 yFemaleNoR none L noneNot presentNoneR choroidal angioma with established detachment and phthisis bulbi
414 moFemaleL T P OL T P O R noneL RMVGreater than leptomeningeal disease and along RMVNo
511 yMaleL F T P O R FL F T P O R noneR T DVAMatched to leptomeningeal disease and along DVANo
64 moFemaleL F T P O L cerebral peduncleL F T P O R noneL basal ganglia DVAL hemisphere and R cerebellar hemisphereL buphthalmos and choroidal angioma
72 moMaleR P OR P O L noneNot presentMatched to leptomeningeal diseaseNo
  • R indicates right; L, left; F, frontal; T, temporal; P, parietal; O, occipital; DVA, developmental venous anomaly; RMV, radial medullary vein.