Table 2.

Characteristics of Infants With Rib Fractures Secondary to States of Bone Fragility

Age (Days)SexPathologyRibs Fractured and LocationAssociated Findings
1 dFemaleOsteogenesis imperfectaRight: posterior arcBlue sclera, abnormal bones radiographically
Left: multiple fractures
occurring in most ribs
 bilateral humeral, and femur fractures
156 dMalePrematurityRight: 7th and 8th midposterior23 weeks' gestation
147 dMaleRicketsLeft: 6th–8th lateralRadiograph revealed cupping and fraying
 Calcium 2.31 (normal: 2.1–2.6 mmol/L)
 Phosphate 1.59 (normal: 1.29–2.26 mmol/L)
 Alkaline phosphatase 369 (normal: 117–352 units/L)