Therapies Received by the ANZNN MASINT Cohort

VariableAll Years1995–1997a1998–20002001–2002Longitudinal Trend (P)
Surfactant, any type30.820.135.742.9↑ (<.001)
HFV19.114.916.029.5↑ (<.001)
INO29.521.631.435.7↑ (<.001)
Surfactant or HFV42.429.241.353.3↑ (<.001)
Surfactant or HFV or iNO50.639.250.858.8↑ (<.001)
NCPAP usedb24.217.224.636.6↑ (<.001)
  • Data shown are % of total in each case. ↑ indicates increased over time; ↓, decreased over time.

  • a Data on HFV and iNO were not collected in 1995; all year percentages for these therapies, therefore, slightly underestimate the actual figures.

  • b Either before or after the period of intubation and mechanical ventilation.