Clinical Characteristics of Children With S aureus Osteomyelitis and VT

YearPatientAge, yGenderRaceOsteomyelitis Site in Proximity to ThrombosisVT LocationPulmonary FindingsCVC
1999112MBRight iliac boneRight deep pelvic vein (7, CT)aClearNone
200123MBRight femurRight common femoral and right external iliac veins (5, MRI)ClearNone
200233MWRight tibiaRight femoral and popliteal veins (1, US Doppler)ClearNone
2003410MBLeft ischium, pubis and iliac boneLeft common iliac vein (19, CT)Bilateral air space diseaseLeft femoral
2003514MWRight femur and tibiaRight femoral extending to right popliteal vein (10, MRI)Septic emboliRight femoral
2003613MWLeft femur and tibiaLeft saphenous vein (5, MRI)Pleural effusionsRight subclavian
2003714MWLeft tibiaLeft popliteal and left saphenous vein (0, MRI)Septic emboliNone
2004811MHLeft femurLeft femoral vein (1, MRI)Septic emboliRight femoral
2004914MWRight femurRight common femoral extending to right popliteal veins (5, MRI)Septic emboliLeft femoral
  • M indicates male; F, female; B, black; W, white; H, Hispanic; CT, computed tomography; US Doppler, ultrasound with Doppler; CVC, central venous catheter.

  • a Numbers in parentheses indicate hospital day at diagnosis of the venous thrombosis followed by the imaging modality.