Table 1.

Outcome Definitions

OutcomeLanguage From an Article That Was Considered a Result That Was…
Nonorthopaedist PEDislocated, dislocatable, luxated, luxatable, Ortolani positive, Barlow positive, clunk, unstable, neonatal hip instabilityClick, laxNormal, reduced, located
Ultrasonography resultsDynamic examination: dislocated, dislocatable, luxated, luxatable; static examination: Graf IIc, IId, III, IVDynamic examination: subluxed, subluxable, dysplastic; static examination: Graf IIbNormal, reduced, located
Orthopaedist actionPavlik harness, von Rosen harness, Frejka pillow, surgeryMultiple diapers, abduction splintOccasional follow-up