Relationship Between Newborn's (N1), Mother's (M1), and Father's (F1) First-Named Race for Newborns Reported to be ≥2 Races (n = 93)

Race MatchingNewborns With ≥2 Races
Newborn N1 = Mother M1 = Father F13840.9
Newborn N1 = Mother M12122.6
Newborn N1 = Father F12324.7
Newborn N1 ≠ Mother M1 ≠ Father F110a10.8
Unable to determine because of missing data1b1.1
  • a Detail of ancestry for these 10 newborns with N1 ≠ M1 ≠ F1, listing all values given, in the order given by the mother for the race variables M1–5, F1–5, and N1–5. Mother: Asian, Hispanic; father: American Indian, white, black; newborn: black, Asian. Mother: black; father: white, American Indian, black; newborn: American Indian, white, black. Mother: black, white; father: black; newborn: white, black. Mother: Hispanic; father: Hispanic; Newborn: black, hispanic. Mother: American Indian, black, white; father: American Indian, black; newborn: black, American Indian, white. Mother: Middle Eastern; father: Middle Eastern; newborn: white, Middle Eastern (n = 2). Mother: white; father: white; newborn: Hispanic, Asian, white. Mother: white; father: white; newborn: American Indian, white. Mother: white; father: white, black; newborn: black, white.

  • b Mother race missing; father: Hispanic; newborn: black, Hispanic.