Table 1.

Case Reports

Case/GroupAge/GenderBirth/HistoryMode of PresentationRadiograph FindingsLab FindingsHistory of InjuryResults of InquiryRisk Factors
Case 1/group 16 mo/maleSVD/term>95% tile HC; bulging fontanelle. No reported symptomsLarge, chronic bilateral subdurals; mass effectAnemia; normal PT, PTT, and platelet counts6 wk before bruised at babysitters. Sitter used corporal punishmentParents passed psychological and polygraph testsTeenage parents and father mildly retarded
Case 2/group 19 mo/femaleSVD/termEnlarging head and “depressed” mental stateChronic subdurals, larger on rightAnemia; normal PT, PTT, platelet counts and fibrinogenBabysitter confessed to shakingParents passed psychological tests and polygraph testsMaternal grandfather was suspect in another case
Case 3/group 215 mo/maleSVD termAbnormal neck motion, grimacing, and possible seizureLarge left, small right subdurals; subacuteNormal; PT, PTT, and plateletsMaternal depression; left alone with disturbed siblingMother and sibling in mental health treatmentFather killed in gun accident before baby's birth
Case 4/group 26 mo/maleSVD termEsotropia; previous vomiting and lethargyRight side only subdural; subacuteNormal plateletsEpisode of vomiting and lethargy after sibling's dangerous gameParents passed psychological evaluation; variety of interventionsLack of supervision. Parents work extended hours
Cases 5 and 6/group 24 mo/female36 wk/twins cesarean sectionCase 5: ALTE. Case 6: no symptomsCase 5: bilateral subacute subdurals. Case 6: left onlyCase 5: normal Pt, PTT, and plateletsFather rapidly lifted, turned, and gave back blows for choking episodesParents passed psychological and polygraph testsDomestic violence and discord; subsequent divorce
Case 7/group 38 mo/female28 wk/RDS, ROP, and BPDSeizureBilateral, acute subdurals. Periventricular leukomalaciaNormal: CBC, Platelets, PT, PTTNo proposed mechanism; multiple caretakersProtective services16-y-old mother and social disorganization
Case 8/group 311 d/femaleSVD 37 wk/mother herpesLethargy and vomiting. CT as part of rule out herpes work-upAcute small left subdural Supratentorial collection on rightNormal: CBC and plateletsNo history of traumaPlacement with relative because of substance abuse issuesParents low IQ and both parents have mental health problems
Case 9/group 32 mo/female36 wk twins/cesarean sectionSeizureAcute, bilateral, moderate size subdurals; twin had normal CTNormal: PT, PTT, and platelets bleeding timeTrauma denied; access blocked by attorneyRelative placement; second episode of bleeding 6 wk laterMother with record of domestic violence and father with record of disorderly conduct
  • SVD indicates spontaneous vaginal delivery; PT, prothrombintine; PTT, partial thromboplastintine; HC, head circumference; ALTE, apparent life-threatening event; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; ROP, retinopathy of prematurity; CBC, complete blood cell count.