Table 4.

Percentage Distribution of Mother's Demographic Characteristics, Insurance Status, and Baby's Birth Weight for the Healthy Steps National Evaluation Sample and 1997 United States Live Births

Healthy Steps Evaluation Sample (n = 5563)1997 U.S. Live Births
(n = 3 880 894)
Mother's age
 19 y or less13.612.7
 20–24 y23.624.3
 25–29 y27.427.6
 30–34 y22.822.8
 35 y or older12.612.6
Mother's education*
 11 y or less17.922.1
 High school graduate26.732.9
 Some college28.822.2
 College graduate26.622.8
Mother's Race*
 Black/African American24.415.4
 Asian/Native American4.55.4
 Other 13.20.0
Mother's ethnic origin*
 Hispanic 20.218.3
 Not Hispanic79.881.7
Marital status*
 Not married35.832.4
Live birth order*
 Second or more53.659.2
Insurance during pregnancy§
 Other sources68.266.4
Infant's birth weight
 Low birth weight6.67.8
 Normal birth weight93.492.2
  • * P < .001.

  • Data for up to 4% of respondents in the Healthy Steps sample may be missing from the variables. These missing data were excluded from the denominator for purposes of calculating percentages.

  • For mother's race, many in the other group for the Healthy Steps Evaluation Sample are women of Hispanic origin, most of whom are also likely to be white.

  • § P < .01.

  • P < .05.

    Note: Percentage of Hispanic births may be underestimated for 1997 US live births.

    Note: The national US birth data for Medicaid coverage are for women on Medicaid 1991 through 1995 at delivery.