Table 5.

Estimated Effect of CHPlus on Receipt of Recommended Preventive Care Visits for Infants (n = 275) and Young Children (n = 574), and on Screening for Anemia (n = 139) or for Lead Toxicity (n = 139 Infants and 137 Young Children). All Measures Were Obtained by Chart Review

Preventive Care MeasureAll Regions CombinedNew York CityNew York City Urban CountiesUpstate UrbanUpstate Rural
Without CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus Effect
≥1 preventive visit
 Infants (0–.99 y).645+.276.444+.536.676+.255§.745+.130.714+.182
 Children (1–3.99 y).428+.218,.324+.298§.497+.174§.496+.225.394+.175§
Up-to-date for preventive visits
 Infants (0–.99 y).217+.088.056+.075.206+.108.340−.026.268+.194
 Children (1–1.99 y).410+.078.240+.262.344−.071.619+.101.437+.019
Screened for anemia
 Infants (0–.99 y).347+.054.167+.089.313−.031.600−.012.308+.172
Screened for lead
 Infants (0–.99 y).205+.132.167+.222.250−.020.250+.183.154+.142
 Children (1–1.99 y).076+.057.130−.084.026+.163.073+.138.074+.012
  • * Adjusted for region and CHPlus plan type (all children); age and pre-CHPlus insurance coverage (1–11.99 years).

  • Difference between the 1-year period before CHPlus enrollment and the 1-year period after CHPlus enrollment. Significant variations in CHPlus effect (interactions) are described in the text.

  • P < .05.

  • § P < .01.

  • P < .001.

  • Significant interactions by CHPlus plan type.