Table 3.

Estimated Effect of CHPlus on the Proportion of Young Children (n = 694) With an ED Visit, on the Mean Number of ED Visits for Infants (n = 453 and for Young Children (n = 574) as Obtained by Chart Review, and for Hospitalizations Noted by Interview (n = 2076) and by Chart Review (n = 694)

Utilization MeasureAll Regions CombinedNew York CityNew York City Urban CountiesUpstate UrbanUpstate Rural
Without CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus EffectWithout CHPlus*CHPlus Effect
 Proportion with an ED visit  among children (0–3.99 y).101+.007.000+.048.044+.044.169−.053.121+.018
 Mean number of ED visits for
  Infants (0–.99 y).227−.1243-a.000+.061.029−.010.681−.506.196−.041
  Children (1–3.99 y).077+.035.000+.018.063+.049.159+.022.094+.051
 Proportion admitted
  Interview (0–11.99 y).058−.021§.046+.002.053−.025.060−.029§.067−.021
  Chart review (0–3.99 y).042−.026§.036−.012.033−.027.029−.015.063−.041
  • F3-a Significant interactions by region.

  • * Adjusted for region and CHPlus plan type (all children); age and pre-CHPlus insurance coverage (1–11.99 years). Estimated proportions with ED visit and hospitalization are unadjusted; P values are from McNemar's test.

  • Difference between the 1-year period before CHPlus enrollment and the 1-year period after CHPlus enrollment. Significant variations in CHPlus effect (interactions) are described in the text.

  • P < .05.

  • § P < .01.

  • P < .001.