Concussion Prevention Resources

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
    Clearinghouse Web site and technical resource for helmet information; 703-486-0100
Brain Injury Association of America
    General information about head injury prevention, as well as brain injuries in several sports; 800-444-6443
Canada's National Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Foundation
    Includes awareness and education program focused specifically on concussion; “smart hockey” videotapes designed to prevent concussion are available for purchase; 800-335-6076
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Wealth of brain injury information including free concussion fact sheets for athletes through the recently released high school coaches’ tool kit
National Safe Kids Campaign
    Dedicated to the prevention of all unintentional childhood injury; available fact sheets are focused on sports and recreational injuries; 202-662-0600
National Youth Sports Safety Foundation
    Educational organization focused on reducing injuries in youth sports; sports-    safety fact sheets are available for purchase; 617-277-1171
Pashby Sports Safety Fund Concussion Site
    Web site devoted to providing education about concussion specifically, including proper recognition and prevention tips