Neonatal Mortality Risk by Time of Initiation of Breastfeeding and Established Diet

Established Neonatal Breastfeeding PatternInitiation of BreastfeedingLate vs Early Initiation
Early (first day) No. of Deaths (% risk)aLate (After 1 d) No. of Deaths (% risk)aaOR (95% CI)bP
Exclusive48/5767 (0.8)36/1913 (1.9)2.19 (1.38 to 3.49).001
Predominant18/1968 (0.9)30/1066 (2.8)2.55 (1.38 to 4.71).003
Partial4/133 (3.0)9/100 (9.0)2.63 (0.60 to 11.63).202
Overall70/7868 (0.9)75/3079 (2.4)2.40 (1.69 to 3.40)<.0001
  • a % risk = no. of deaths/no. of infants in exposure category.

  • b Late vs early initiation, adjusted for gender, birth size, gestational age, presence of a congenital anomaly, health on the day of birth, health at the time of interview, mother's health at the time of delivery, age of mother, parity, educational level of mother, mother having cash income, household water supply, place of defecation, number of antenatal visits, place of birth, and birth attendant.