Code of Behavior When Handling a Dog

Dogs sniff as a means of communication.Before petting a dog, let it sniff you.
Dogs like to chase moving objects.Do not run past dogs.
Dogs run faster than humans.Do not try to outrun a dog.
Screaming may incite predatory behavior.Remain calm if a dog approaches.
The order of precedence needs to be in evidence.Do not hug or kiss a dog.
Direct eye contact may be interpreted as aggression.Avoid direct eye contact.
Dogs tend to attack extremities, face, and neck.If attacked, stand still (feet together) and protect neck and face with arms and hands.
Lying on the ground provokes attacks.Stand up. If attacked while lying, keep face down and cover the ears with the hands. Do not move.
Fighting dogs bite at anything that is near.Do not try to stop 2 fighting dogs.