Correlations Between Key Constructs and Dependent Variables

Recall of Ad ContentRecall of News ContentNo. of Products PurchasedUsefulness of ChannelOnePolitical EfficacySkepticism Toward Ads
Recall of ad content
Recall of news content.42a
No. of products purchased−.06−.12
Usefulness of Channel One.04.20b−.05
Political efficacy.11.18b−.13c.38a
Skepticism toward ads.03.16b−.10−.04.00
Family with higher income.20b.−.05
Realism of TV−.12−.03.06.45a.30a−.05
Similarity of teens on Channel One.16c.19b.09.49a.24a.05
Desirability of Channel One reporters.15b.11c−.01.57a.27a−.01
Identification with Channel One reporters.15b.14b−.04.48a.19b−.04
Ads help me know what is popular.08.12c.22b.23a.06.03
People with money are happier−.08−.08.17b−.01−.09.01
I want things I see in ads−.01.01.28b.21b.10−.09
Channel One ads are interesting.−.16c
My school approves of the Channel One ads−.03−.06−.02.36a.21b−.03
Teachers approve Channel One ads.05−.09.01.44a.24a−.10