Descriptive Statistics for Constructs Used in the Analyses

Evaluation of the media-literacy lesson15415.035.844–28.84
My school approves Channel One commercials before they are shown2344.011.851–7
Commercials on Channel One are approved by teachers2313.591.831–7
Perceived realism of TV23411.163.953–21.73
Similarity of teens on Channel One2358.163.403–21.66
Identification with reporters on Channel One2357.964.113–21.74
When I watch commercials, I want what is shown2392.801.451–7
People who have a lot of money are happier2392.591.781–7
Advertising helps me know what is popular2372.701.621–7
Skepticism toward advertisers2390.970.191–7
Usefulness of Channel One23524.938.374–28.89
Political efficacy23713.343.983–21.62