Table 7.

IMR and NMR by Birth Weight and Race of Mother, United States, 1997 Linked File

Birth Weight (g)IMRNMR
All Races*Non-Hispanic WhiteBlackHispanicAll Races*Non-Hispanic WhiteBlackHispanic
  • * Includes races other than white and black.

  • Figure does not meet standards of reliability or precision.

    Note: IMRs and NMRs by race from the linked file differ slightly from those based on unlinked data because the linked file uses the self-reported race of mother from the birth certificate, whereas the unlinked data uses the race of child as reported by the funeral director on the death certificate. Births are tabulated separately by race and Hispanic origin; persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.

    Source: National Center for Health Statistics, 1997 Period Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set.