Table 6.

IMR, NMR, PNMR, Perinatal Mortality Rate and Fetal Mortality Rate by Race of Mother: Final 1980 and 1997, and Preliminary 1998

 White, total6.06.010.9−45.0
  White Non-Hispanic6.06.1
 Black, total14.114.221.4−34.1
 Black:white ratio2.42.42.0
 White, total4.04.07.4−45.9
  White, Non-Hispanic4.04.0
 Black, total9.39.414.1−34.0
 Black:white ratio2.32.41.9
 White, total2.02.03.5−42.9
  White, Non-Hispanic2.12.1
 Black, total4.84.87.3−34.2
 Black:white ratio2.42.42.1
Perinatal mortality rate*,7.513.2−43.2
 White, total6.411.8−45.8
  White, Non-Hispanic6.0
 Black, total13.421.3−37.1
 Black:white ratio2.11.8
Fetal mortality rate*,§6.89.1−25.3
 White, total5.88.1−28.4
  White, Non-Hispanic5.2
 Black, total12.514.7−15.0
 Black:white ratio2.21.8
  • * Includes races other than white and black.

  • Rate per 1000 live births.

  • States not reporting Hispanic origin for 1997 for fetal deaths are Maryland, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma.

  • § Number of fetal deaths at ≥20 weeks of gestation per 1000 live births plus fetal deaths.

  • Percent change is from 1980–1997 because preliminary 1998 data not available.

  • Number of fetal deaths at ≥28 weeks of gestation plus number of infant deaths at <7 days of age per 1000 live births plus fetal deaths.

    — Indicates data are not available.

    Note: Infant, fetal, and perinatal deaths are tabulated separately by race and Hispanic origin; persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. IMRs, NMRs, and PNMRs by race from unlinked data may differ slightly from those based on the linked file (Tables 7 and 9).