Table 5.

Percent of Births with Selected Characteristics, by Race and Hispanic Origin of Mother: United States, Final 1990, 1997, Preliminary 1998

All Races*White, TotalNon-Hispanic WhiteBlack, TotalHispanic
 <20 years of age12.512.712.811.
 <12 completed years of school16.017.616.
 16 or more completed years of school26.120.127.721.732.822.513.
 Diabetes during pregnancy2.
 Pregnancy-associated hypertention3.
Health care utilization
 First trimester prenatal care82.882.575.884.884.779.287.987.983.373.372.360.674.373.760.2
 Midwife-attended births7.
 Cesarean delivery rate21.220.822.721.020.723.021.220.923.422.421.822.120.620.221.2
 Birth weight
Multiple births per 1000
 Live births in twin deliveries (not  percent)26.822.626.722.128.822.930.026.519.518.0
 Live births in higher-order multiple  deliveries (not percent)
  • Includes races other than white and black.

  • Excludes data for New Hampshire and Oklahoma, which did not report Hispanic origin.

  • Includes mothers 20 years of age and older. For 1990, excludes data for New York (exclusive of New York City) and Washington, which did not report educational attainment of mother.

  • § Excludes data for California, Indiana, New York (but includes New York City), and South Dakota, which did not report tobacco use.

  • VLBW, birth weight of <1500 g (3 lb, 4 oz); LBW, birth weight of <2500 g (5 lb, 8 oz).

    Note: Births are tabulated separately by race and Hispanic origin; persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.