Table 4.

Birth Rates* for Teens, by Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin: United States, Final, Selected Years, 1990–1997, and Preliminary 1998

Age and Race and Hispanic Origin of Mother19981997199519911990Percent Change 1991–1998
15–19 y
 All races51.152.356.862.159.9−17.7
 White, total45.446.350.152.850.8−14.0
  White, non-Hispanic35.236.039.343.442.5−18.9
 Black, total85.388.296.1115.5112.8−26.1
15–17 y
 All races30.432.136.038.737.5−21.4
 White, total25.927.130.030.729.5−15.6
  White, non-Hispanic18.419.422.023.623.2−22.0
 Black, total56.860.869.784.182.3−32.5
18–19 y
 All races82.083.689.194.488.6−13.1
 White, total74.775.981.283.578.0−10.5
  White, non-Hispanic60.661.966.170.566.6−14.0
 Black, total126.8130.1137.1158.6152.9−20.1
  • * Rates per 1000 women in specified group.

  • Includes races other than white and black.

    Note: Births are tabulated separately by race and Hispanic origin; persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.