Associations of Characteristics and Parental Perceptions With Child BMI Percentile Group

CharacteristicTotal (n = 223), %BMI Percentile GroupP
5–84th (n = 135), %85–94th (n = 43), %≥95th (n = 45), %
Respondent education
    Less than high school graduate22213313.004
    High school graduate19171927
    Some college or trade school22162836
    College graduate2531920
    Postgraduate degree1316124
Child age group
    2–5 years50476347.527a
    6–9 years22241424
    10–13 years22241920
    14–17 years5459
Child gender
Child race/ethnicity
Did child's doctor ever tell you that your child is gaining weight too fast or is overweight?
    No or don't know91968678
Parental Perceptions
    I feel my child is…
        Underweight/a little underweight101390<.001
        About the right weight74847049
        A little overweight/overweight1622151
    Sketch selection
        Lighter sketch (1–3)60793722<.001
        Middle sketch (4)21153327
        Heavier sketch (5–7)2063051
    Days per wk child gets 20–30 min of active physical exercise(n = 218)(n = 132)(n = 42)(n = 44)
    In summer weather, my child participates in active physical exercise…
        More h/wk than other children16161418.718a
        About the same h/wk as other children73757467
        Fewer h/wk than other children1191216
    When my child runs, he/she is usually…
        Faster than other children18181424.303a
        About as fast as other children71747260
        Slower than other children1181416
  • Because of rounding, percentages may not always add to 100%.

  • a Fisher's exact test.