Frequency With Which Physicians Could Assess Each Criterion

Criterion0–18 y0–3 y
No ICI (N = 1528), %ICI (N = 138), %No ICI (N = 284), %ICI (N = 25), %
Spontaneous eye opening1009999100
Able to follow commands93966584
Seizure after the trauma91788776
Loss of consciousness77817988
Prolonged loss of consciousness (reliably witnessed, >5 min)72697864
Severe or progressive headache82514440
Abnormal behaviora98909488
Altered level of alertnessa98979796
Evidence of significant skull fracturea93879076
Persistent vomitinga99979892
Evidence of intoxication98929996
Motor deficit95789376
Gait abnormality55305236
Abnormal cerebellar40706036
Cranial nerve abnormality86547960
Inability to read or write54423644
Scalp hematomaa84818468
Composite score, neurologic deficita62864784
  • a These 7 criteria compose the decision instrument.