Types of Injuries Noted in the 138 Patients With Clinically Important ICI Identified on CT

Type of InjuryPatients With Clinically Important ICI (N = 138)
Skull fractures
Extra-axial bleed
    Acute subdural37
    Subacute subdural0
    Chronic subdural1
    Acute or chronic subdural0
    Extra-axial, not specified17
    Subarachnoid hemorrhage33
    Intraventricular hemorrhage11
Parenchymal lesions
    Intraparenchymal hemorrhage19
    Contusion/petechial hemorrhage73
    Focal edema1
    Diffuse edema12
    Shift or mass effect22
    Diffuse axonal injury2
    Brain laceration0
Other (eg, shear injury, infarct, pineal hemorrhage)13
  • Patients often had >1 injury noted on CT.