Guidelines for KI Dose Administration5

Patient or AgeExposure, Gy (rad)KI Dose, mga
>40 y>5 (500)130
18–40 y0.1 (10)130
12–17 y0.05 (5)65
4–11 y0.05 (5)65
1 mo to 3 y0.05 (5)32
Birth to 1 mo0.05 (5)16
Pregnant or lactating women0.05 (5)130
  • This table was created from recommendations developed at the consensus conference and is based in part on reviewed reference materials from the AAP, CDC, and FDA.

  • a Children/adolescents weighing >70 kg should receive the adult dose (130 mg).

  • Reprinted with permission from Markenson D, Redlener I. Pediatric Preparedness for Disaster and Terrorism: A National Consensus ConferenceExecutive Summary. New York, NY: Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, National Center for Disaster Preparedness; 2003.