Instruments Used in Studies

InstrumentAbbreviationComponentsAuthors (y)
Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental ScreeneraBINSAssesses 4 areas: (1) neurological function/intactness; (2) receptive function; (3) expressive function; and (4) cognitive processesMacias et al62 (1998)
Clinical Adaptive Test/Clinical Linguistic Auditory Milestone ScaleCAT/CLAMSIncludes psychometrics and speech and language milestones; CAT: 19 age sets with 12 instruments and 57 items for visual motor skills; CLAMS: 19 age sets with 3 instruments up to 24 mo and 4 instruments after 24 mo; includes 43 items for language skillsClark et al58 (1995)
Denver Developmental Screening Test-IIaDDST IIDomains include (1) language; (2) fine motor-adaptive; (3) personal-social; and (4) gross motorGlascoe and Byrne57 (1993)
Developmental Profile-IIaDP-II5 subsets: (1) physical; (2) self-help; (3) social; (4) academic; and (5) communicationGlascoe and Byrne57 (1993)
Early Language Milestone Scale41 items covering 4 areas: (1) auditory expressive; (2) auditory receptive; (3) visual expressive; and (4) visual receptiveCoplan et al30 (1982); Black et al55 (1988); Walker et al68 (1989)
Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Screening Test35 items separated into 3 sections (A–C) including identification of 15 common objects (phoneme), nonverbal responses to 10 sentences (syntax), and imitation of 10 1-sentence picture descriptions; assess identification, articulation, comprehension, and repetitionBlaxley et al65 (1983); Sturner et al53 (1993); Allen and Bliss69 (1987)
Hackney Early Language Screening Test20-item test in 7 sections: (1) comprehension: following instructions to manipulate toys; (2) expression: tester manipulates toys and asks child questions about this; (3) comprehension: following instructions for placing toys; (4) comprehension: child chooses picture from 3 options; (5) expression: child answers question about pictures; (6) expression: child names objects; and (7) comprehension: child chooses picture from 4 optionsDixon et al54 (1988); Law67 (1994)
Language Development SurveyLDS310 words arranged in 14 semantic categories; parents indicate which words their child has spoken and describe word combinations of ≥2 words that their child has usedKlee et al59 (1998); Klee et al60 (2000); Rescorla and Alley61 (2001)
Levett-Muir Language Screening TestTest is divided into 6 sections: (1) comprehension: child is asked to pick toys from group; (2) vocabulary: child's ability to name the toys; (3) comprehension: using pictures, child is required to respond to questions; (4) vocabulary: child's ability to name what's in the pictures; (5) comprehension and representation: child's ability to answer “what” and “who” questions; and (6) overall: child is asked to explain the detailed composite pictureLevett and Muir64 (1983)
Parent Evaluation of Developmental StatusPEDS2 questions for parents to elicit concerns in general and specific areas; other items determine reasons for parents' concernsGlascoe56 (1991)
Parent Language ChecklistaPLC12 questions for parents about their child's receptive and expressive language including 1 question for assessing hearing problemsBurden et al11 (1996)
Pediatric Language Acquisition Screening Tool for Early ReferralPLASTERCommunication development milestones by age with 7 individual areas; each area contains 10 questions (5 relate to receptive language and 5 to expressive language)Sherman et al52 (1996)
Screening Kit of Language DevelopmentSKOLDVocabulary comprehension, story completion, sentence completion, paired-sentence repetition with pictures, individual sentence repetition with pictures, individual sentence repetition without pictures, and auditory comprehension of commandsBliss and Allen66 (1984)
Sentence Repetition Screening TestSRST15 sentences repeated 1 at a time by the child after demonstration by the testerSturner et al71 (1996)
Structured Screening Test20 questions covering both expressive and receptive language skillsLaing et al63 (2002)
Test for Examining Expressive MorphologyTEEM54 items targeting a variety of morphosyntactic structures using a sentence-completion taskMerrell and Plante70 (1997)
  • a Speech and language are part of a broader screening instrument.