Table 1.

Measles Attack Rates in Infants, New Jersey and Texas, 1990–1992

CharacteristicTotalMeasles Attack Rate (%)PValue*
Maternal year of birth
Mother had measles after delivery
Child age (mo)
Exposure duration (h)
Exposure setting
 Day care5816.01
Exposure within 2 days of rash onset of exposing case
Breastfeeding at age when exposed
Mother had measles before delivery
 Cannot recall1817
Mother received measles vaccine
 Cannot recall128
Mother's race/ethnicity
State of residence
 New Jersey2934
Child's gender
Infant born >3 wk prematurely
Infant's birth weight (g)
  • * χ2 test for difference in measles attack rates.

  • Exposed to a confirmed case during the period from 2 days before to 2 days after the rash onset of the confirmed case.