Table 1.

Clinical Data for Children With Suspected β-Lactam Allergy According to Nature, Severity, and Time of Onset of Adverse Reactions*

Reaction (Nature and Severity)Time of OnsetTotal
Anaphylaxis1491235  (10.8%)
Urticaria and/or angioedema208174175  (53.8%)
Severe SSLR1616  (4.9%)
Maculopapular rashes1010  (3%)
EM, SJS, GEP, and erythroderma31114  (4.3%)
Unidentified rashes2353875  (23%)
Total36  (11%)128  (39.4%)161  (49.6%)325  (100%)
  • * Children reporting several reactions were classified on the basis of the most severe and/or most rapid reaction.