Sample Characteristics

Facility Type
Census-block group-level variables (N = 42 857)
    Mean proportion of college-educated population, % (SE)26.17 (0.09)
    Mean proportion of ethnic minority (nonwhite) population, % (SE)38.66 (0.17)
    Mean population density (per square mile) (SE)13 955.3 (113.9)
    Mean no. (SE) of facilities per block group0.70 (0.006)
    Mean proportion of block groups with ≥1 facility, % (SE)39.90 (0.2)
Individual-level variables (N = 17 950)a
    Mean no. of respondents per block group (SE)20.50 (2.7)
    Mean proportion of overweight, % (SE)b,c9.60 (0.42)
    Mean proportion of sample achieving high MVPA, % (SE)c,d34.60 (0.95)
  • a Individual-level variables were weighted to be nationally representative.

  • b Overweight was defined as a BMI ≥95th percentile of the CDC/NCHS 2000 growth curves; nonoverweight was defined as a BMI <95th percentile.

  • c SEs were corrected for the complex survey design.

  • d High MVPA was defined as ≥5 bouts of MVPA per week; low MVPA was defined as <5 bouts of MVPA per week.