Table 6.

Case Histories of 8 Children With Negative Skin and OC Test Results With Betalactam Antibiotics

CasePersonal AtopyReactions: Nature and Chronology
(suspected drug)
43Yes, allergy to cow's
milk and eggs
Accelerated urticaria (cefiximine)Probable coincident ingestion of eggs or cow's milk
Delayed urticaria + laryngeal edema (amoxicillin)
44Yes, allergy to cow's milkImmediate shock (amoxicillin) associated with clavulanic acid)Coincident ingestion of cow's milk (proven)
45Yes, peanut allergyAccelerated urticaria + angioedema (amoxicillin)Coincident ingestion of peanut (proven)
46YesDelayed urticaria + angioedema (amoxicillin)Coincident ingestion of egg (proven)
47Unknown before tests
with foods
Delayed laryngeal edema (amoxicillin)Leguminous allergy (positive skin tests and OC)
48YesAccelerated urticaria and angioedema (amoxicillin and cefatrizine)Aspirin intolerance (proven by OC)
49NoAccelerated urticaria and angioedema (amoxicillin)Aspirin intolerance (proven by OC)
50NoDelayed urticaria and angioedema (cefadroxil)Aspirin intolerance (proven by OC)