pp65 Antigenemia and CMV-DNAemia Performed in Neonatal Blood Samples of Infected Newborns in Relation to the Presence or Absence of Symptoms at Birth

pp65 AntigenemiaQualitative DNAemiaQuantitative DNAemia
No. of Positive SamplesNo. of Negative SamplesNo. of Positive SamplesNo. of Samples With Cutoff <100 Copies per 105 PMNLsNo. of Samples With Cutoff ≥100 Copies per 105 PMNLsLog Mean (SD)
Symptomatic54181173.24 (0.69)
Asymptomatic520264222.79 (0.56)
P.060a.634a.020b (0.07–0.84)c
  • a Fisher's exact test.

  • b Student's t test.

  • c 95% confidence interval of the difference between the 2 means.