Table 1.

Thimerosal Content in Some US-Licensed Vaccines

VaccineBrand NameManufacturer% Thimerosal Concentration1Mercury μg/0.5 mL
DTaPAcel-ImuneLederle Laboratories.0125
TripediaPasteur Merieux Connaught.0125
CertivaNorth American Vaccine.0125
InfanrixSmithKline Beecham00
DTwPAll products.0125
DTAll products.0125
TdAll products.0125
TTAll products.0125
DTwP-HibTetramuneLederle Laboratories.0125
HibActHIBPasteur Merieux Connaught00
TriHIBitPasteur Merieux Connaught.0125
HibTITER (multidose)Lederle Laboratories.0125
Single dose00
Omni HIBSmithKline Beecham00
PedvaxHIB liquid2 Merck00
COMVAX3 Merck00
ProHIBit4 Pasteur Merieux Connaught.0125
Hepatitis B virusEngerix-BSmithKline Beecham.00512.5
Recombivax HBMerck.00512.5
Hepatitis AHavrixSmithKline Beecham00
IPVIPOLPasteur Merieux Connaught00
OPVOrimuneLederle Laboratories00
LymeLYMErixSmithKline Beecham00
MeningococcalMenomune A, C, AC and A/C/Y/W-135CLI.0125
PneumococcalPnu-Imune 23Lederle Laboratories.0125
Pneumovax 23Merck00
RabiesRabies Vaccine AdsorbedBioPort Corporation.0125
IMOVAXPasteur Merieux Connaught00
Typhoid feverTyphim ViPasteur Merieux Connaught00
Typhoid Ty21aVivotef Berna00
Typhoid vaccineWyeth-Ayerst00
Yellow feverYF-VaxPasteur Merieux Connaught00
AnthraxAnthrax vaccineBioPort Corporation00
  • 1 A concentration of 1:10 000 is equivalent to a 0.01 concentration. Thimerosal is approximately 50% Hg by weight. A 1:10 000 concentration contains 25 μg of Hg per 0.5 mL.

    2 A previously marketed lyophilized preparation contained .005% thimerosal.

    3 COMVAX is not approved for use under 6 weeks of age because of decreased response to the Hib component.

    4 ProHIBit is recommended by the Academy only for children 12 months of age and older.