Representative Test Results in Twins With NH Near the Time of Presentation as Newborns and at the Most Recent Follow-up

Normal Newborn ValuesTwin Set 1Twin Set 2
Twin ATwin BTwin ATwin B
Newborn1 yNewborn1 yNewborn10 moNewborn10 mo
    Total, mg/dL<
    Direct, mg/dL<
Alanine aminotransferase, IU/L<522755413521183824
Albumin, g/dL2.0–
Fibrinogen, mg/dL50–140<4011135
Ferritin, ng/mL22–3221161496853816743945
AFP, ng/mL<20 000*34085312170605029894868294047202
  • — indicates that the tests were not performed.

  • * The accepted abnormal value for serum AFP for term neonates is >84000 ng/mL and for 32 weeks of gestation is >200000 ng/mL.