Characteristics of Pediatric Study Cohort, 2001–2009

Tacrolimus, n = 57 664Pimecrolimus, n = 425 242
Age, mean (SD), y5 (5)4 (5)
Girls, %50.450.2
Medical conditions, %a
 AD or eczema33.121.0
 Other allergic dermatitis0.70.4
 Allergic conjunctivitis4.04.0
 Allergic rhinitis8.07.1
 Rash and other nonspecific skin eruption6.46.2
 Dermatophytosis of the body2.01.5
Medication use, %a
 Topical corticosteroids33.716.5
 Oral corticosteroids12.19.1
 Oral antihistamines24.219.2
 Inhaled β-agonists17.414.6
 Inhaled corticosteroids7.86.0
  • a Within 183 d preceding study entry for children ≥1 y; within 30 d for children <1 y.