Table 3.

Adjusted ORs of Variables Remaining After Stepwise Logistic Regression (Development Set, n = 2052)

Predictor Variable Included*Adjusted OR95% CIPoints Assigned in Prediction Score
Age <1 y1.61.1, 2.30
High-risk medical history8.45.8, 11.9+2
Chief complaint
 Upper respiratory infection/cough0.40.2, 1.2−1
 Fever1.51.1, 2.00
 Seizure2.80.9, 9.1+1
 Gastrointestinal (includes nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal  pain, and gastrointestinal infection)3.72.7, 5.1+1
 Cellulitis or abscess10.63.0, 36.9+2
 Referred by doctor 7.81.4, 43.6+2
  • * The following chief complaints were not significantly associated with IV insertion at P > .15 and dropped from the model: respiratory (including wheeze, asthma, and shortness of breath); accident, unspecified (RVC code J810.0); laceration; fussy infant (S080.1); extremity injury other than fracture; head trauma; and rash.

  • Does not include all children referred by physician, only those in which referral was stated independently by the patient or parent at the time of triage.