Social and Demographic Characteristics at Baseline

MeasureControls (N = 221)Early Start (N = 206)P
Maternal factors
    Mean age of mother at enrollment24.424.6.67
    % Māori26.724.8.65
    % Lacked educational qualifications69.970.6.88
    % Interparental conflict/assault during childhood57.050.5.18
    % Child abuse during childhood41.644.7.53
    % Ran away from home before age 1649.842.7.14
    % Assaulted by current partner25.635.0.11
Paternal factors (biological father)
    Mean age26.627.3.36
    % Māori25.430.7.22
    % Lacked educational qualifications72.377.8.23
Family factors
    % Single parent family63.864.6.87
    % Pregnancy unplanned82.380.1.57
    % Welfare dependent90.188.4.57