Multiple Logistic-Regression Analysis of Factors Associated With Children Obtaining Insurance Coverage

Independent VariableAdjusted Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval) for Obtaining Insurance Coverage
Group assignment
    Case management7.78 (5.20–11.64)
Child’s age
    0–5 yReferent
    6–11 y0.32 (0.19–0.56)
    12–18 y0.35 (0.019–0.63)
Annual combined family income
    At or below federal poverty thresholdReferent
    Above poverty threshold1.19 (0.70–2.02)
Parental citizenship
    Legal resident1.42 (0.82–2.44)
    US citizen2.40 (0.08–7.48)
Parental employment
    Unemployed0.78 (0.45–1.37)
Participant recruitment in relation to policy change in state coverage of uninsured children
    Before policy changeReferent
    Restrictive change in effect0.46 (0.22–0.99)
    Reestablishment of most of prior policy0.74 (0.45–1.21)